The Yeti Files Meet the Big Feet

Book Review By: Charlee

Book By: Kevin Sherry
Book Length: 122

Story Summary: In the book there is a yeti named Blizz. Blizz used to have family reunions all the time, but a cryptazoologist named Gorge Vanquist took a picture of Blizz´s cousin and so he ran away.
Blizz and his family found him, and so they went back to their old house. They had a huge mansion for creeps like them. They had a family reunion. Then, Blizz went home and threw a book in a hole and I will not tell you the rest!

Your Evaluation: I really recommend this book for the forty book challenge. My favorite character is this little fox. I liked this book because they stole the bad guys’ book and they made the bad guy go in circles. I think this would be a very good movie and I think Adam Sandler would star as George Vanquist!

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One Response to The Yeti Files Meet the Big Feet

  1. stevie says:

    so cool good one.grate summery it tells alot im intrested. 😉


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