The Thief of Always

Book Review By: Mrs. Morrison

Book By: Clive Barker
Book Length: 267

Story Summary: Harvey Swick was bored with his life and wished for something to change. A creature by the name of Rictus takes him to what he thinks is a magical place with everything a boy could ever want. His parents even agreed that he should stay there as long as he wants! Soon Harvey will see that not everything is as it seems…

Your Evaluation: I love this book because it has a main character that has to be brave and creative in order to solve a problem. It really pulls you in from the start because many kids and even adults can relate to Harvey Swick. We all get bored and want something exciting to come our way, but in the book exciting turns very dark and sinister.

If you are into science fiction, magic, and a little bit of creepiness, you will love this book! It has illustrations (depending on the book you have) that really help with some of the visuals.

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