Sunflower´s Promise

Book Review By: stevie

Book By: Gloria Dominic and Charles reasoner
Book Length: 47

Story Summary: It´s about a indian girl names SunFlower.She is rich beautiful and clever.Many unmarried men crowd her asking for her to be there wife but that is not what she wants.So to stop the animals away from her food and the men away from her she told the men who ever got rid of the animals for good whoul marrie her.

Your Evaluation: It has pictures like a kids book its a indian tale itś cool.

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The True BLue Scouts Of Sugar Man Swamp

Book Review By: stevie

Book By: Kathie Appelt
Book Length: 327

Story Summary: It´s about 2 twin racoons that protect the same swamp.The meet two very bad hogs that came for the sugar cane.Little do they know about the sugar cane raddlers.But in there friends safety the two racoon look for the sugar man deep in the dark forests.

Your Evaluation: It´s adventurous and fantasy because the animals talk.It has alot of details i can picture the whole story.It might be long but it is a grate book.

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Book Review By: Trenton

Book By: Jeff C. Young
Book Length: 48

Story Summary: This book is about motorcycles. There are different types of motorcycles like cruisers, dirt bikes, sports bikes, choppers, touring bikes, and other bikes. The choppers have their engine on low so they can have low ground clearance. A choppers front wheel is very thin! I know this because my dad has a chopper!

Your Evaluation: I liked the custom choppers in this book. They cut off parts and thatś why theyŕe called choppers. They also raise the handlebars and theyŕe like cruisers because they have shiny chrome parts. I think you should read this book because whoever likes custom choppers or cruisers and other bikes, this will be a good book for you to read.

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The Yeti Files Meet the Big Feet

Book Review By: Charlee

Book By: Kevin Sherry
Book Length: 122

Story Summary: In the book there is a yeti named Blizz. Blizz used to have family reunions all the time, but a cryptazoologist named Gorge Vanquist took a picture of Blizz´s cousin and so he ran away.
Blizz and his family found him, and so they went back to their old house. They had a huge mansion for creeps like them. They had a family reunion. Then, Blizz went home and threw a book in a hole and I will not tell you the rest!

Your Evaluation: I really recommend this book for the forty book challenge. My favorite character is this little fox. I liked this book because they stole the bad guys’ book and they made the bad guy go in circles. I think this would be a very good movie and I think Adam Sandler would star as George Vanquist!

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Book Review By: Mrs.

Book By: Cynthia Lord
Book Length: 200

Story Summary: This book is about a little girl named Catherine. She has a younger brother named David who is autistic. She struggles with finding friends and being honest with them about her brother. She meets another boy named Jason who is in a wheelchair and can only communicate by touching cards with words on them. Catherine she helps him by making new cards and cheering him up daily. Slowly she becomes friends with him, but there’s a new girl next door who she is hiding him from. Will she be brave or will she hide her friendship?

Your Evaluation: I loved this book and cried a few times. It is touching and sweet in so many ways. Catherine is such a lovely character and she cares so much about the people around her. This book would make a wonderful movie that is sure to make everyone cry…not from sadness, but from happiness.

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The Thief of Always

Book Review By: Mrs. Morrison

Book By: Clive Barker
Book Length: 267

Story Summary: Harvey Swick was bored with his life and wished for something to change. A creature by the name of Rictus takes him to what he thinks is a magical place with everything a boy could ever want. His parents even agreed that he should stay there as long as he wants! Soon Harvey will see that not everything is as it seems…

Your Evaluation: I love this book because it has a main character that has to be brave and creative in order to solve a problem. It really pulls you in from the start because many kids and even adults can relate to Harvey Swick. We all get bored and want something exciting to come our way, but in the book exciting turns very dark and sinister.

If you are into science fiction, magic, and a little bit of creepiness, you will love this book! It has illustrations (depending on the book you have) that really help with some of the visuals.

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